About Us

About Us

The family-led wealth management company is responsible for the maintenance of the assets allocated in real estate, stocks, bonds and commodities of the owner family, its partners and relatives. Westminster adheres to the strictest code of conduct with regards to ethical and ecological concerns and gives preference to local projects wherever possible.

From acquisition to development and rental management: Westminster Real Estate manages all real estate of the family office’s portfolio. Only a small number of residential and commercial properties are actually owned by the company itself. Main focus lies on mostly medium-sized residential portfolios. Individual units which not do not fit our local portfolio will be sold off to ensure homogeneity of the overall portfolio and customers service which distinguishes us with our tenants.
We place value on meeting tenants’ needs when developing and maintaining our properties. Be it listed buildings, old buildings, 50s architecture or housing estate: We combine tradition with modernism and ensure that tenants feel both well and at home.

Westminster Immobilien GmbH

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