Acquisition Profile

Acquisition Profile

We mainly buy residential and commercial units in the new states, including Berlin and its greater area. Regions that we especially focus on are Halle-Leipzig, Cottbus, Jena, Dresden, Magdeburg and Erfurt. A big part of our focus lays on multi-family housing from 6 accommodation units and up, residential and commercial buildings, office building starting at 1000 m², and land for building of new multi-story apartment buildings ideally between 400m² and 2500m².
We are interested in housing development with minimum 30 accommodation units for locations with more than 10.000 inhabitants, or a direct commuter belt of a city. For locations under 10.000 inhabitants, we are mainly interested in housing development with minimum 60 accommodation units.

Regional Focus

Berlin and surrounding area, Halle-Leipzig, Cottbus, Jena, Dresden, Magdeburg, Rostock, Greifswald, Erfurt


Residential, commercial and office buildings

from at least 1000 m2


Multi-family homes

with minimum 6 accommodation units 


Plots of land to build multi-story apartment buildings,

ideally between an area of 400m² und 2500m²,

preferably connecting lots

Further criteria

At least 10.000 inhabitants

Or direct commuter belt of a city of over 100.000 


- Residential complexes with minimum 30 accommodation units 

With less than 10.000 inhabitants 


- Residential complexes with minimum 60 accommodation units

For more information for a suitable property, see our property portfolio.

If you have an interesting offer, or would like to send us a presentation, please contact Juliane Arlt. 

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