8. Görlitzer Opernball

Westminster joins the opera

At this year’s 8. Görlitzer Opernball -Eine Nacht in Venedig-, the Westminster group took part at this year’s raffle as a sponsor. The revenue from the sold raffle tickets and our sponsorship will support sustainable projects in Görlitz. (Rights belong to “Theather Görlitz” and “picture Nikolai Schmidt”)

Westminster and the opera

Marian Ziburske (Gesellschafter von Westminster), Mario Landsmann (Geschäftsführer) und Ondřej Šebek (Geschäftsführer von HC Dynamo Pardubice).

Förderverein Dom zu Brandenburg e.V.

The preservation of one of the most important buildings in Brandenburg

As a member of the “Fördervereins Dom zu Brandenburg e.V.”, our company is committed to the preservation of one of the most important buildings in Brandenburg. Through our membership and support we do our due diligence in order to upkeep the dome and its art and culture that you can find throughout the museum and its archives.

Westminster participating in the “SemperOpernball 2010”

Elated by the Semper opera

The SemperOpernball was a ball inside the Semperoper, which was celebrated yearly from 1925 to 1939. Hosted and organized by the SemperOpernball e.V., the ball has since 2006 returned, and is celebrated yearly like in the old days. Westminster will participate again in 2010.

„Brandenburger Summer Festival“

Westminster Immobilien GmbH is a sponsor of the „Brandenburger Summer Festival“ 

We support the „Brandenburg Summer Festival “

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