About Us

About Us

Seriousness, fairness and transparency. These are the most important principles that we feel obliged to our customers and business partners as well as our tenants and service providers.

The corporate culture of the Westminster Group is practiced daily by all employees, from the managing director to the janitor. Whether buying or selling, renovating or redeveloping real estate, the interests of all are always considered.

The family-owned company is mainly responsible for the care of the owner family's assets. The focus of the asset strategy is the management and expansion of corporate assets into safe and long-term investments. The main investment field is the real estate sector, predominantly in medium-sized residential portfolios.

Individual units that do not fit into the local portfolio are being resold so that the homogeneity of the facilities and the on-site service that distinguishes our company from our tenants does not suffer.

Starting with the purchase, on the renovation to the rental: The Westminster manages all real estate inventories of the company and the owner family itself. This is done, according to strict ecological and ethical standards.

We place importance to the acquired properties that are suitable for tenants. Whether an old building, a 1950s housing estate of a stylish new building: we combine tradition with modernity and ensure that tenants feel at home. Through numerous projects, our corporate group fulfils its social responsibility in the areas of culture, sports and society and promotes a sustainable and liveable environment.

In addition, we also support young, growth-oriented companies in the implementation of innovative ideas and see ourselves as a long-term, strategic supporter.

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